Parents Information

If you are planning on using our Centre please ensure you have read our Rules and Code of Conduct


You will be sent a letter telling you the dates, times and frequency of your contact visits.  No contact can take place until you receive this letter. The letter will also tell you which entrance you should use, and it is important that you use the correct entrance.

The letter will also invite you to come for a Pre-Visit. This is an opportunity for both you and your child to familiarise yourself with the Centre, for you to ask any questions, and for us to check a few details with each of you separately. We would strongly urge you to come for a pre-visit if at all possible.


We obviously have to keep records of names, addresses and telephone numbers, but these are strictly confidential and are never disclosed to anybody.  We may need to contact you in an emergency, so please ensure that if these details change you tell us.

When you use the Centre the only records we keep are attendance and times of arrival and departure. It is important, therefore, that you report to the volunteer on the desk when you arrive and when you leave.

What if I can’t get there?

Ring us on 01332 298130 as soon as you can;  you can leave a message at any time. If at all possible, please also get a message to the other person involved in the contact so that they don’t have a wasted trip.

If you know in advance that you will not be able to come to a contact session, for example if you are on holiday, please also tell us and the other person involved.

Please look in Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for other things you may want to know.
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